Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Coming Soon...

O dear and patient people...

I am sure, by now, that I have set the world record for the longest 'Coming Soon' website in web history.  Should you pop on over to, you will find that it is still almost ready, a phenomenon  that must be driving visitors almost as crazy as it is driving me (but not nearly as much as it is tormenting my saintly webmistress).  

I know this is where I should reveal the amazing secret behind the delay, but honestly, it's just because I keep choosing to do other things, like write a book, or design a movie, or play with my family (but not because of watching the TV--I got rid of that timesucker years ago).  

So, yes, Virginia, there will be a website.  I'm currently heading up the design team on the film version of  'John Carter of Mars'--fourth time lucky--so time is once again as scarce as Dejah Thoris' costume. was meant to launch earlier this month when my book, 'SHADOWLINE', hit the bookstores, but deadlines have descended and I am locked in battle with tharks and other Martian beings.  That was when I remembered this Blog, kindly created for me by my old friend, J. J., and found it to be a rather pleasant place to stop by and witter on for a bit.  

So there--it's not a website, but it's something, and when I hit the post button, it will actually go live, tonight, now.  I'll try to drop by share what I can, as often as I can, and even answer some of the email that has been piling up since this blog stumbled onto the stage, thinking the theater was empty.  

And if I ever vanish, and you wonder where I've gone, well, that's why I wrote 'Shadowline'.   It's the best way I know to bring you along with me.